19 September 2012

If There Is Someone...

I don't know what to do,
I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to feel,

If there is someone,
Who can make me smile again,
Who can make my day colorful
Who can make me the happiest person in the world,
Who can love me for the rest of his life,
Who can take a good care of me,
Who can give me advise,
Who can lend his shoulder for me,
If there is someone...

I'm not a choosy person,
I just need a partner,
I just need a best friend,
I just need a soul mate,
I just need a person who can stay with me forever,
Till the last breath of me.

Ya Allah,
You are the BEST partner that I have,
Everything is on YOU,
I'm giving all my life to YOU.

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